Ein audiografisches Buch
    (Eng. ‚Anatomy of emotions - an audiographic book‘)

    is the final product of my bachelor thesis, which I completed in 2011 at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany.

    In cooperation with ‚lab binaer‘ I invented an analogue book which allows you to play digital sounds just by touching it's pages. (See Video on page 2 for demonstration)

    My goal was to create a publication which demonstrates the interaction between design and music and shows the way they are able to create emotions.

    The ‚audio-graphic‘ book takes seven basic human emotions and dissects them like a physical body. Love, hate and others are analytically broken down into the areas of sound and image.

    The look of the publication has been inspired by old-fashioned medicine or biology books, which makes a contrast to the modern technology included in the book‘s back cover. In addition the visualization for the music was designed to look like a microscopy of fluid sound.

    ‚Anatomie der Emotionen‘ was awarded by the Art Directors Club.